Eat Right: Healthy Halloween Swaps!

For healthy-minded parents, Halloween can be extra scary. Many of our favorite traditions–like trick-or-treating, costume parties, and school spirit events–can be overstocked with sugary, over-processed foods and drinks. Here’s where we face a dilemma: we want our kids to be healthy, but how do we celebrate the holiday spirit without all the extra calories?

Luckily, there are ways to get in on the treats without the unhealthy tricks. We’ve collected some of our favorite healthy swaps to kick-start your imagination. 

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Trick-Or-Treat AND Something Good To Eat

Trick-or-treating is a celebrated part of Halloween. Plus, it’s so fun to see the whole family in costume! If you’re looking to cut some candy out of the festivities, consider some of these healthier ideas:


  • Pick a Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a delicious and nutritious food that doesn’t get enough year-round attention. Halloween can be a perfect time to get otherwise picky eaters to try something new! Instead of buying candy, buy extra pumpkins for the family. When the jack o’lanterns are carved, roast the seeds to make healthy, delicious pepitas and use any leftovers in recipes that call for roast, diced, baked, or mashed squash. 
  • Start with Full Bellies. Heading out to haunt the town? Before trick-or-treating, fill up on a healthy dinner (maybe add some of that delicious pumpkin!). Full bellies are less likely to dig right into the candy. It’s a good idea to set some rules as well, and establish healthy eating habits before the night begins. 
  • Hand Out Your Own Candy. We all remember that house that handed out toothbrushes on All Hallows Eve. Instead of sugary candy, try fun, packageable treats like ants on a log, veggie skeleton bones, or clementines decorated to look like skulls. If you’re worried about allergies or calories, skip the edible route entirely and hand out small toys or useful gadgets, like fake teeth, bubble wands, or temporary tattoos. 
  • Call In The Switch Witch  The Switch Witch is a fun holiday character who replaces kids’ excess candy with a toy, game, or other non-sugary swap. This tradition started in sugar-conscious families and is gaining popularity every year! If your kids still make it home with far too much candy, let them know to expect a visit from The Switch Witch once they’re tucked in bed with their favorite pair of jammies.


Frightfully Fun Festivities

Planning a party? Prepping for a school event? Looking to avoid the whole Halloween “thing” altogether? These ideas keep Halloween fun, festive, and healthy for the whole family. 


  • Dress Up Healthy Food, Too! Kids tend to eat with their eyes. A witch who would turn down a green apple might be more interested if it’s dressed up like monster teeth. Bring a platter of boo-nana popsspider sandwiches, or pumpkin quesadillas to your next Halloween party. Your imagination is your only limit! 
  • Stay Active. Fun games and activities keep ghosts and ghouls on their feet. Traditional activities like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” bobbing for apples, and flashlight tag can be a frightfully good time! If you want to mix it up, try a string maze, a zombie dance contest (bust out those Thriller moves!), or “Ghost in the Graveyard.” 
  • Brew A Health Potion. Halloween punch doesn’t have to be made from sherbert and soda. Make a healthy alternative (like this carrot-based recipe from Happy Healthy Mama). If you’re making your own, start with all-natural cider or juice, then add cinnamon sticks, fall spices, and clever decorations. For bonus points, invest in a spooky ice mold to add bobbing skulls and bones, and add a few cubes of dry ice to turn your health potion into a misty witches’ brew. 
  • Plan A Family Adventure. Halloween isn’t your family’s thing? Pack your jammies and fly off o
    n the family brooms to a costumed movie night, a laser tag arena, or a night spent stargazing and telling spooky stories around the fire at a nearby National Park. The memories will last a lot longer than the candy! 


Play Right: Halloween Costume Ideas From New Jammies!

Spooky season is upon us! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at New Jammies. It’s the perfect time to bust out a new pair of PJs, whether you’re adding it as the final touch to a quality costume, adding an extra layer of warmth before chilly trick-or-treating, or finishing off a spook-tacular night with some scary stories before bed. 

These DIY Halloween costumes can all be built off your favorite pair of New Jammies! Depending on the weather, start with footies, long sleeves, or short sets, and build your costume with a few simple additions.  If you’re looking for that extra layer of warmth, our Simply Solids collection is a perfect base to any DIY costume.   Make pretend play and cozy nights last well beyond one night of trick or treating fun!

P.S. Have you heard about our 2019 Halloween costume contest? Post your family’s costume photos on Instagram or Facebook by October 31 for your chance to win a $100 New Jammies gift card! Click here to see the full rules for entry.)

Where’s Waldo? 

Start with a set of striped red and white jammies. Add a red cap, some round glasses, a camera strap, a cane, and Waldo’s other accessories to become this beloved search-and-find character!

Baby Cowpoke     

For the smallest trick-or-treaters, a costume that starts with footie pajamas can be cozy and comfortable during those Halloween naps. Add a cowboy hat, boots, and a sheriff’s badge to our Horses n’ Stripes footie pajamas to create the cutest cowpoke ever! 

Sharks and Mermaids

For a fun matching siblings costume, rule the ocean as sharks and mermaids. Our Mermaid Mamas PJs pair well with a sparkly mermaid tail, while all our Sharks pattern needs is some fins and a headpiece for a fearsome king of the seas!

Unicorns and Pegasi and Fairies, Oh My!

To create a magical fantasy costume, start with our mod Chevron pattern or Rainbow Unicorns design. Add a mane, horn, tail, and wings to become your favorite fantasy animal. For fairies and sprites, try a tulle tutu, wings, and a magic wand. 

Choo Choo!

Grab a pair of our Locomotive Train pajamas and add a conductor hat for your future engineer!

Be your own Super Hero!   Match one of our fun Stripes, Star Spangled, or our Simply Solids collection with a fun cape and mask to create your own super hero!   Create a list of your unique super powers and how you plan to be a hero here on planet Earth and beyond!  

Emoji Love   DIY your own Emoji costume and pair with our Emoji Love Jammies! 




Our 2019 Halloween Costume Contest is open until October 31, 2019! Head over to Facebook and Instagram to submit your entries. Don’t forget to tag our accounts, use the hashtag #NewJammiesHalloween19, and tag a friend in the comments you’d LOVE to go trick-or-treating with! We can’t wait to see your submissions! 

The 2019 New Jammies Halloween Costume Contest!


 Calling all ghosts and ghouls! Is your family prepping for Halloween? We’d love to see your costumes! Send us your best Halloween costume photos for your chance to WIN a $100 e-gift card to New Jammies! 

At New Jammies, we love the spooky season! It’s a perfect time to get cozy in a new costume, cape, or PJ set. For cold nights spent trick-or-treating or late bedtimes when your kids are ready to fall asleep in full costume, the right set of jammies is the perfect addition to every Halloween wardrobe. 

Send us your photos of your favorite family Halloween costumes for your chance to WIN! One lucky winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to 

Rules for entry:

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  • We’re accepting entries today through midnight on Halloween. Limit one entry per social channel (that means you get TWO entries if you share on Facebook and Instagram!). 
  • We’ll randomly select a lucky winner in early November! The winner receives a FREE $100 gift card to! 

Are you feeling lucky? No tricks, only treats here at New Jammies! We can’t wait to see your creativity! 


Play Right: Active Babies, Healthy Adults!

7 ways to get active with your newborn


For the first six months of a newborn’s life, the world is full of exciting sights, sounds, and smells they’ve never experienced before! Kids spend their first few months learning to interact with the world, their bodies, and the people around them. 

Activity is critical to a newborn’s development. Obviously, you won’t start out with chess games and fencing lessons, but the simplest — and most enjoyable — of activities can become educational, skill-building moments for your baby. 

When parents do these activities with their babies, they discover wonderful bonding moments as Baby begins to recognize the faces, voices, and touch of their parents. Plus, you get the added benefit of all those baby giggles! 

Here are 7 simple ways to get active with your newborn:

1. Dance it out!  Music is a great way to connect with your baby. Put on some gentle tunes, hold your baby close to your chest (or use a secure wrap-style carrier), and dance slowly to the music. The gentle movements encourage your newborn’s spatial awareness, and the closeness to Mom and Dad boosts emotional bonding. Plus, it’s a low-energy way for new parents to get moving!

2. Magellan Junior, world explorer. Visual tracking, tactile stimulation, and hand-eye coordination are some of the earliest things your newborn will learn to recognize and respond to. You can help your baby explore the world by introducing tactile toys, sound stimulation, and more. One of the easiest ways to do this is by practicing visual tracking: lay your baby down on his back and hold a brightly-colored toy or stuffed animal in front of his face. Move the toy back and forth and side to side, gently shaking the toy or touching your baby’s face to draw his attention. By following along with his eyes, your baby develops better vision skills!

3. Baby see, baby do. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Newborns learn by example and by exploring the world around them. You can play simple imitation games with your baby to help her explore the basics of interaction and conversation. Start small, with activities you’ve already seen your baby doing on her own. Practice things like waving, opening and closing your fists, touching your nose, and clapping. Celebrate anytime your baby follows along, and be sure to dial back the difficulty level if she starts to get frustrated or confused. 







4. Sit-ups for newborns, too! Who said exercise was only for adults? You can practice “baby sit-ups” by laying your baby flat on his back, then gently leveraging him up to a sitting position with full support on the backs of his arms. As your baby gains strength and starts to spend more time sitting up, you can switch to “sit-ups” where you pull your baby up slowly by his hands. The sense of touch will help build your baby’s body awareness, while the sit-up motion helps boost motor control and basic muscle strength. 

5. Houston, we’ve got a baby.  Are you raising a little astronaut? One of the simplest (and sometimes hilarious) activities you can practice with your newborn is by pretending your baby is piloting a rocket ship or airplane. With your baby belly-down on your lap, wrap your hands around her midsection to provide full support, and gently lift her up in the air. Complete the effect with up-and-down and side-to-side motions, like your baby is flying. (Sound effects optional, although they usually add some major laughs for Mom and baby alike.) This fun activity has the dual benefit of building body awareness and spatial awareness, and gives your baby opportunities to respond to stimuli like movement, sound, and laughter. 




6. Kung fu (baby) shuffle.  Your baby may be a long way from that black belt, but you can boost body awareness and range of motion with fun, tactile kicking exercises. One way to do this is by hanging pieces of tissue paper, toilet paper, or ribbon off a low, baby-safe edge (like the bottom of a couch or play table). With your baby on his back, guide his toes so his feet kick the hangings. After a while, your baby will realize he can make the paper move on his own! This teaches your baby things like cause-and-effect and sensory integration (and makes for some really adorable home videos, too). 


7. Who’s that baby in the mirror? This final activity is a great way to involve older siblings or visiting relatives. Facing a baby-safe mirror, point out your newborn’s reflection and ask “Who is that?” in varying tones and volume levels. (You can even sing it, too!) As your baby starts to recognize reflections, add in favorite stuffed animals, siblings, or relatives, asking “Who is that?” whenever a new person enters the mirror frame. This game boosts visual, social, and emotional development — and we won’t lie, it’s pretty darn cute. 

Staying active with your baby is a critical part of your newborn’s development. By trying a few simple, fun activities, you can boost your baby’s understanding of the world, her body, and her family to the tune of those wonderful baby giggles. 

New Jammies was born as an environmentally responsible company offering 100% certified organic cotton pajamas and baby clothing. Learn more at





Celebrating Families, Healthy Living, and Getting Cozy

An Interview with Nicole Ludlow, the Founder of New Jammies

From organic chemistry to organic cotton, a basket full of sunflowers to boxes full of pajamas, Nicole Ludlow’s journey from child artist and scientist to business owner has been full of surprises. Today, Nicole is the owner and founder of New Jammies, producing organic cotton pajamas for children and infants. She is well-known for her fun designs, her focus on healthy living, and her oh-so-comfortable pajamas. But did you know that her interest in PJs began as an interest in organic chemistry? 

“As a child I was always interested in natural science,” she says. “Things like bugs, rocks, flowers, seashells, stars. I played outdoors for hours with my brothers and had a microscope that I thought was the coolest.” 

In middle school, Nicole’s science fair projects focused on things like red algae’s growth in saltwater, analyzing its absorption of carbon dioxide as a possible solution to the Greenhouse Effect. Later on, chemistry became Nicole’s main passion and the start of an exciting career. Before starting New Jammies, Nicole worked as an organic chemist in the agriculture industry.  

“I found chemistry to be interesting as it involved solving puzzles and building on an atomic level,” she explains. “Chemistry is behind so much of what we know in our world today and it is how we create many of the products in our daily lives, including more natural ones.”

Natural living formed the basis of Nicole’s childhood. She spent most of her time outdoors, running and playing with her brothers. Her background in clean eating and green living sparked the first ideas that would later turn into New Jammies’ first product lines. 

“When I started New Jammies in 2007, there seemed to be a need to teach children about enjoying fruits and vegetables,” she explains. “The obesity problem was continuing to grow in America’s youth with the combined lack of exercise and poor eating habits. It wasn’t an issue I had as a youth because we mostly ate fresh whole foods and ran around outside dawn until dusk.”

The question became: how could parents get their kids more interested in healthy eating and healthy living? What if there was a way to integrate healthy living with our lives, a way to make “green” such an integral part of our routines that kids learned healthy habits from birth? 

“I didn’t question that fruits and veggies were good, it’s all I knew,” Nicole says. “So, I came up with the idea of six fruit and vegetable pajama designs and bedtime stories using the same imagery. The books and pajamas were designed to make children excited about fruits and veggies. I believe we were one of the first children’s clothing lines on the market to utilize apparel design for teaching and as a tool to create healthy habits. At the time we were also ahead of the curve with gender neutral colors and images. You wouldn’t believe how many people asked if Bananas or Apples were a boy or girl design. I said, “It’s a fruit, it can be either!”

Along with the healthy eating habits Nicole learned from her childhood, her interest in the chemical processes behind product creation helped inform her decision to rely on organic cotton for all her new products.  “As I began looking at fabrics for our product line, I really wanted cotton as it is such a soft, breathable fabric,” she says. “I discovered that cotton is one of the most heavily treated crops in the world, resulting in pollution and poor working conditions and disease in farmers. How could I make a product that was designed to teach children healthy habits if the processing for that product was not healthy?”

At the time, researchers also began to draw connections between agricultural chemistry and the negative impacts many production techniques have on people and the environment. Agricultural chemistry has led to some amazing advancements–larger, disease-resistant, more reliable crops, for example–but it has also had some major negative drawbacks. 

“What are the long term consequences of dousing all of our food and land with chemicals?” Nicole asked herself. “How has this contributed to new disease on our planet? So, from day one I decided to choose organic cotton over conventional, hoping every step we take results in a better future for our children, families, and our environment. We go above and beyond for you to have a great experience with our pajamas,” she adds. “We design them with the highest quality organic cotton for a super, soft, durable, and comfy fit. I’d also like people to think colorful and playful. Organic doesn’t have to be mute colors. The brilliant colors of nature surround us everyday and we make sure we use the best eco-friendly dyes in our processing.”” 

Healthy living is part of the brand’s identity — and it shows in every stitch. The original designs focused on nutritious (and delicious) foods, like apples and bananas. Today, the brand has expanded to feature a wide range of fruits and veggies, along with familiar character themes like cowboys and pirates. 

“I’ve had so much fun with the design process over the years, sketching and drawing images, to developing a pattern, to pulling it together in a colorful pair of pajamas,” Nicole says. “One of my favorites is probably my Sunflower design. I was inspired by a planter of sunflowers my mother had in her living room. I loved the idea of a rich blue, contrasting the big, bold, yellow sunflowers. Some of my other favorites designs have included bringing whimsical characters to life, like our Ranching Cowboys, Mermaid Bubbles, and Christmas Elves. Of course I still love the simplicity and classic style of prints like our Lobsters, Whales and Anchors Aweigh. Sometimes simple is best!” 

“Our two piece snuggly pajamas are probably my favorite at this point,” she adds, “because I still get to see my boys in them every day as they grow. And a lot of days I have to convince them to get out of their New Jammies!”

Today, New Jammies products bring families together to celebrate traditions like a comfy bedtime routine. 

“I really would love for bedtime to be a fun, enjoyable experience,” Nicole says. “It is a special, quiet time of day we get to spend with our children. In our modern lifestyle, we have such busy schedules. It’s critical we take some time before bed to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. I believe this comes together with a routine, bedtime stories, and getting cozy in your favorite pajamas.”


Getting cozy is exactly what New Jammies is all about. 

“We’ve always focused on pajamas and probably always will, but I think there is room for more styles, bigger sizes, and maybe some family Jammies in the future,” Nicole says. “I also feel that reading is an integral part of bedtime, so I am hoping for some more opportunities to create some PJ and story book combinations. We’ve also started to bring back more infant styles with bibs, beanies, bloomers, and wearable blankets which I’d like to expand. The fun thing about design is that the sky is the limit, so who knows where the stars will take us!”

Nicole’s work has taken her across industries and careers to make a longtime dream come true. Today, New Jammies is an established brand that epitomizes the best parts of healthy living, amplifies the time that families get to spend together, and celebrates everything about getting cozy. 

“There was this moment five or six years ago when I realized my dream of making pajamas for children actually came true,” Nicole says. “I love hearing when a child’s favorite pair of pajamas are New Jammies and they request to wear them every night. It’s amazing to know that our pajamas are so important to a child’s comfort and happiness. Little boys and girls around the world are snuggling up for bedtime in their favorite pajamas with colors, images, and comfort that came from our designs.”


New Jammies was born as an environmentally responsible company offering 100% certified organic cotton pajamas and baby clothing. Learn more at

Eat Right: Eco-Friendly School Lunches

Green Your Routine With Eco-Friendly School Lunches

With the school year back in full swing, parents across the country are getting back into the lunch-packing routine. This year, many of us are making it a goal to cut down on our environmental impact, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by adding some green to our kids’ packed school lunches. 

Why the green focus?

Moms and dads around the world are educating new generations of eco-minded youngsters every day. The impacts of climate change, unethical growing and distribution practices, and chemical add-ons are everywhere–but they don’t have to be in your food.



Many families have trouble committing to a fully “green” lifestyle, especially because it can be tough to identify what fully “green” really is! By committing to greener school lunches, you’re taking steps toward reducing your family’s carbon footprint all while teaching your kids how to be more environmentally responsible. 

Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging is one of the biggest culprits for unnecessary waste on school grounds. How many pieces of single-use packaging are in a single school lunch? When you consider the sandwich bag, plastic wrap, juice pouches, straws, and cutlery, it all adds up into a stack of single-use plastic we would all be better off without. 

Eco-friendly packaging is much more affordable today than it used to be, and the options are almost endless! One of the most convenient (and cutest) eco-friendly options out there is the “bento box.” Modeled after Japanese lunches, where each meal component is separated into its own small compartment, bento boxes use built-in or adjustable plastic dividers to divvy up your kids’ lunch containers. Now, instead of needing plastic wrap and sandwich baggies for your sandwich, veggie sticks, dip, and dessert, you’ve got one convenient (and reusable!) box that holds every piece without any messes or spills. Lunchtime prep can be easy and fun by just filling up the little boxes with whatever healthy foods you have on hand: veggies, fruit, nuts, crackers, berries, cheese, pasta, and more. 




Here are some more easy swaps you can make in your kids’ lunch bags:

  • Scrap the traditional “brown bag” or plastic bag. Have your kids pick out a fun (inexpensive) lunch box instead. 
  • Pack a hot lunch in a Thermos Funtainer or similar re-usable container that holds temperature for hot or cold foods.
  • Why use a disposable plastic sandwich bag when there are so many new options? Try waxed fabric, a reusable plastic container, zip bag or fabric sandwich bags. (We’ve got a few shaped like dinosaurs!) These are great reusable snack bags by two+two
  • Instead of plastic wrap, try reusable wax paper, beeswax wraps, or cloth bowl covers.
  • Tempted by those single-serving prepackaged snacks? Save money by buying one big box. Fill reusable containers like Tupperware, snap-tops, and preservation bags. Pediatricians recommend milk and water for kids, so skip the juice boxes altogether and pack some fruit in a reusable drink container. These now are available in all styles and keep drinks cold for long periods of time.

Eco-friendly food options

If you’re worried about the carbon footprint of the food your family eats, it may be helpful to take a few minutes to research where some of your most-used products come from. 

For example, when foods are shipped over long distances, their environmental impact grows to include automobile emissions, packaging materials, and cost of labor. On the other hand, if you fill out your family’s meal plans with locally-grown meat and produce, you’re cutting down your carbon footprint — AND supporting your local community. 

Another way to “greenify” your meals is by planning at least one or two vegetarian, vegan, or ethically-sourced meals each week. Some meat and dairy products tend to have more of an environmental impact than similar plant-based products. Plus, processed meats are often high in sodium, nitrates, and other additives. 

When in doubt, it’s best to plan your meals around organic, locally-sourced, seasonal produce–and (when you can) supplement with ethical meat products grown responsibly and locally!

We all try to do our part to preserve the planet. 

Your kids’ lunches are one small way you can help reduce your carbon footprint and teach your kids to be more environmentally conscious. With some preparation and imagination, your kids’ lunches can be delicious, nutritious, and green as can be!  And hey, don’t let the kids have all the fun — you can green your lunches on the go too! 

New Jammies was born as an environmentally responsible company offering 100% certified organic cotton pajamas and baby clothing. Learn more at

Play Right: Celebrate Summer with a Backyard Camping Trip

If you don’t have the time or funds for a weeklong vacation, you can still celebrate your favorite outdoor traditions with a backyard camping trip! Pitch your tent in the grass, bring out pillows and sleeping bags, and enjoy all the fun of a summer adventure without the added stress of a long-distance vacation. 

1. Take Your Tent Up A Notch


Get Your Kids In On The Fun

Before the big day, have your kids make their own decorations to turn your backyard into a camping destination. From outdoors-themed coloring pages to wreaths, birdhouses to hand-painted tiki torches, these creations will give your kids the added fun of seeing their hard work transform your home into a state park.  


Light It Up

For some extra decorations, string lights and quirky battery-operated lights bring a gentle, warm glow to every summer evening. If your backyard has wall outlets, you can break out your holiday lights. For a fun DIY project, fill Mason jars or brightly colored plastic containers with battery-operated string lights. These can then be placed in the tent or around the backyard for a colorful evening glow! 


Tent Games

Turn your tent into a game room with your favorite board games, or make up your own! (Pro tip: this is a great activity for a rainy day!) When it gets dark, use lanterns or flashlights to create shadow puppets on the walls of the tent. For an educational twist, invest in a constellation lamp or tapestry and teach your kids to read the stars.   We love The Night Sky by local educator and author Garrick Pfaffmann .


2. Kid-Friendly Campfire Recipes


Breakfast: Tin Foil Egg Boats

These tin foil breakfasts are perfect for picky eaters and adventurous foodies alike. Shape two pieces of tin foil into a “boat” and a lid. Fill the boat with whisked eggs, chopped veggies, pre-cooked bacon, or your other favorite proteins. Then, carefully fold the tin foil lids over the boats to make closed, football-shaped containers. Cook these on a grill or stick with a marshmallow spear to roast over an open fire. After 5-10 minutes, the eggs and mix-ins will be perfectly cooked. Top with shredded cheese, salsa, or sour cream and dig in! 


Lunch & Dinner: Campfire Meals   

Cooking over a campfire adds a new layer of smoky flavor to every meal. Did you know baked potatoes can be an entire delicious, nutritious meal? Scrub and salt your potatoes, wrap in tin foil, and place directly in the coals of your campfire. Let roast for 45 minutes, then set aside to cool. When they’re ready to eat, add your favorite toppings — your kids can mix and match healthy favorites like broccoli, olives, scallions, salsa, and cheese — and dig in! For a cheesier twist, you can make grilled cheese or quesadillas over the fire. Our kids love adding mushrooms, roasted peppers, onions, tomatoes, and other veggies to make unique grilled cheese masterpieces!


Dessert: S’more Healthy S’mores

Who said s’mores had to be unhealthy? You can add a fresh component to this campfire favorite by swapping your Graham crackers for sliced strawberries or bananas, then topping with mini marshmallows and low-sugar dark chocolate. For a pop of protein, add a handful of chopped nuts. If your kids are fans of ooey-gooey deliciousness (who isn’t?), build tin foil boats like you did at breakfast and fill with your favorite dessert toppings. You can roast these over the fire just like roasting marshmallows, and enjoy a delicious, sticky dessert! 

3. Turn Your Backyard Into A State Park


Flora & Fauna Scavenger Hunt

For an educational afternoon activity, look up your state’s common wildlife and indigenous plants. Locate these in your own backyard (or hide handmade versions if your backyard isn’t super green), then make a scavenger hunt for your kids to complete. Spend the afternoon identifying these plants, bugs, and birds, and learning fun facts about them! 


Summer Olympics

It may be an off year for the Olympics, but that doesn’t have to be the case at your house! Turn your backyard into a sports extravaganza with your favorite summer games, like horseshoes, cornhole, and lawn darts. Do your kids have a competitive streak? Plan a full afternoon of games and competitions, with points for the winners. At the end of the day, decorate each other’s medals and give awards like “Best Concentration Face” and “Most Enthusiasm.” Hold a medal ceremony and celebrate! 


Bedtime Storytelling Contest

When it’s time for bed, you can use the day’s activities to inspire a bedtime storytelling contest. Alternatively, you can use familiar fairy tales and swap out the main characters for members of your family or your kids’ friends. Climb into your favorite jammies and take turns telling stories with different categories — scary, funny, mysterious — and vote on the winners.


As a mom and business owner living in the Colorado mountains, I have access to tons of great camping and wilderness opportunities.  But my entire life I’ve loved spending time right at home in my backyard: big, small, rural, urban, sandy, grassy, or rocky.   There’s nothing better than grilling out, making a fire, enjoying your garden or native plants, kicking or throwing a ball, a round of quoits or corn hole, and loving whatever makes your home special.   And what excitement for the kids, just to set up a tent in the yard and sleep outside.   Let’s face it, Summer can be short, but sweet, so make the most of it, even if it’s just right outside your doorstep!

Sweet dreams! ~ Nicole


New Jammies was born as an environmentally responsible company offering 100% certified organic cotton and flame retardant-free children’s pajamas. Learn more at

Sleep Tight: Back to School ~ Back to Bed-Time

The importance of a bedtime routine during the back-to-school transition.

For many kids, all the fun of summer can make it tough to stick to a bedtime routine. Summer camp hours, slumber parties, and more hours of daylight — especially when the sun isn’t all the way down by bedtime — can turn into late nights and grumpy mornings when kids get too little sleep. 


Even though we’re still in the height of summer, it’s never too early to start planning for the fall! Kids’ brains and bodies won’t adjust to a school-year sleep routine overnight. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Children who don’t get enough sleep have a higher risk of experiencing behavioral problems at school, as well as a more difficult time with learning.” As we approach the back-to-school season, it’s important to get kids back into a structured bedtime routine. 

Having trouble turning Z’s into ABC’s? These four tricks will help your family get back to bedtime, just in time for the new school year. 

1. Make it a gradual transition.

If you suddenly had to wake up an hour or two earlier, how long would it take you to get used to the new routine? Kids’ bodies and brains need time to adjust to a school schedule, so it’s not realistic to set an extreme new schedule all at once. Instead, you can slowly move bedtime back by fifteen minutes or half an hour (with an equal adjustment to wake-up time), with a few days in between each shift. By giving your kids time to adjust to the shorter shifts, they’ll have an easier time transitioning to the school-year’s schedule. 

2. Turn bed into an electronics-free zone. 

Clean sleep is the key to healthy rest. Electronics are one of the modern marvels that keep our brains from switching off completely when we go to bed. The glow and blue light from screens sends signals to our brains, telling us it’s still time to be awake. Keeping cell phones and tablets out of your kids beds — by establishing the hour or two before bedtime as “electronics-free” — reduces the impact of this blue light. 

3. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine. 

You can replace screen time with book time, or other electronics-free activities you and your kids can do together. Bedtime stories, breathing exercises, and baths are all great ways to help your kids unwind at the end of the day. The comfort of a favorite pair of jammies can also go a long way toward rewiring kids’ brains for bedtime! In the same way that light from electronics can send signals to your mind, the comfort of organic cotton and the routine of slipping into pajamas tells your body it’s time for bed. When you’re planning your bedtime routine, don’t forget to set a similar one for mornings! 

4. Let your kids help set the rules — and stick to them. 

Get your kids involved in bedtime, too! Giving your kids some power over their own choices helps them forget the parts of a new routine that they may not be too fond of. Introducing their first alarm clock? Let them choose the design! Want to make sure they brush their teeth before bed? Let them pick a new flavor of toothpaste! Plus, if your kids have outgrown last fall’s jammies, you can help them choose a new set of PJs with a pattern they can’t wait for bedtime to wear. 

New Jammies was born as an environmentally responsible company offering 100% certified organic cotton and flame retardant-free children’s pajamas. Learn more at

Eat Right: Fun Plate Specials

Make Healthy Eating Fun With Fun Plate Specials 

For kids of all sizes, establishing healthy eating habits from a young age will promote healthy living long after baby birds leave the nest. However, many parents struggle to introduce healthy foods, especially to picky eaters. 

One solution? Fun Plate Specials. 

Fun Plate Specials meld your favorite healthy ingredients with the bright colors, quirky characters, and funky art that kids love. By turning mealtimes into times for creativity, parents can get kids involved in the fun. It’s a great opportunity to teach kids about the ingredients that go into their lunches, as well as the basics of food safety, sustainability, and seasonality. 

We’ve created a quick and easy lunch-and-dessert combo that’s sure to have your kiddos racing to set the table. 

Sally the Sandwich Kid: Sally’s fashion sense includes the best of seasonal produce: green apples, Rainier cherries, and fresh banana slices. We went with a simple PB&J sandwich, but you can mix it up with your kids’ favorites! Lunch meats, hummus and veggies, or bright toppings like lettuce and tomatoes make for excellent accessories. These sandwich characters are easily customizable with different outfits, hair styles, and accessories. For a fun challenge, have your kids create sandwich versions of themselves! 


  • 1 kid-sized sandwich, cut in a circle
  • ½ green apple, sliced
  • 1 serving raisins
  • ½ banana, sliced
  • 4 Rainier cherries, halved and seeded
  • Additional fruit or veggies as a side dish



    1. Wash and slice all the ingredients.
    2. Arrange raisins in a smiley face on top of the sandwich. 
    3. Lay out banana slices to make Sally’s hair.
    4. For the hair bow, halve or chop cherries and arrange into bow shape. 
    5. Create Sally’s dress by layering green apple slices on top of each other. 
    6. Use remaining raisins to create Sally’s arms and legs.


  • Optional: Serve with additional fruit on the side.



Dive-In Dessert Mermaids: These mermaids are a fun, whimsical way to present your kids’ favorite healthy sweet treats in a new and exciting way. We used vanilla pudding as the base to hold everything together, but you can also swap out with vanilla or plain yogurt, sugar-free Jello, or your favorite nut spread for a pop of protein. This “mix and match” dessert is the perfect pairing for healthy dipping sticks, like fruit chips, apple slices, or even celery sticks. 


  • 1 large Graham cracker
  • ½ cup low-fat vanilla pudding (we used about half of one container)
  • 1 Tbsp peanut butter (or alternate nut spread)
  • 1 Tbsp hazelnut spread 
  • 1 Rainier cherry, halved
  • 2 Tbsp mixed berries
  • 2 Tbsp chopped peaches 
  • Additional Graham crackers or apple sticks, for dipping


  1. Cut the Graham crackers into two large triangles and four small triangles.
  2. Top Graham crackers with nut butter or hazelnut spread, then arrange in tail shapes.
  3. Top tails with mixed berries. 
  4. Spread pudding to form torsos and arms. 
  5. Create “clothes” by pressing peaches into torsos. 
  6. Spread nut butter or hazelnut spread in shape of flowing hair and/or beards. 
  7. Press cherry half into “hair” to create the mermaids’ faces. 
  8. Serve with additional Graham crackers or apple slices for dipping. 

Versatile meals like Fun Plate Specials give you and your kids the fun of an arts and crafts day with the deliciousness of a healthy, balanced lunch. You can make Fun Plate Specials for any meal, like these apple porridge breakfast specials! Plus, any ingredient can be swapped in or out for kids with food sensitivities. Just be sure your plates pop with creativity and color, and your kiddos are sure to “dive” in! 


If you’re short on time, you don’t have to be short on creativity! We still play with our food, even if we only have a couple of minutes…



New Jammies was born as an environmentally responsible company offering 100% certified organic cotton and flame retardant-free children’s pajamas. Learn more at

Sleep Tight: Bedtime Routines Help Children Get Their Rest

Creating A Relaxing, Pampering Bedtime Routine for Kids

If your child’s bedtime routine was perfect as a baby, but you now find that your 6-year-old is suddenly challenging her normal snooze time and battling to stay up later, a little pampering action may just do the trick. A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that nearly one third of all 6 to 11-year-olds gets eight or fewer hours of sleep a night, and the result can be everything from daytime drowsiness to a greater likelihood of obesity. Sleeping well at night is vital for human heart and brain health, regardless of age. If your child needs a little help getting to bed, make it a fun experience by turning up the pampering and self-care focus.

Letting Kids Pick their Favorite Jammies

Fashion forward kids will be delighted if you let them choose their own pajama prints and styles. Whether stripes, plain colors, or polka dots are their thing, allow them to express themselves so that they cannot wait to get into their jammies at night. To boost the softness factor, make sure these are organic. Because the production of organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals, organic PJs are ideal for kids with allergies. Of course, going organic also means you and your child can be more environmentally aware; no chemicals in the land means less contamination and greater diversity of animal species.

Making Bath Time a Diva/Divo Moment

The idea that only girls love a pampering bath time experience is a myth. Encouraging both girls and boys to love and pamper themselves with a soothing bath is an important lesson indeed, since love for the world begins with love and care of the self. Let your kids pick their own organic soaps and shampoos, and have a fun sugar scrub making session using coconut oil, granulated white sugar, food coloring, and therapeutic grade lemon essential oils. Opt for an essential oil like lavender, which has proven calming properties, to instill a deep sense of relaxation before bed time.

Meditation Time!

An important skill to teach kids is that of calming themselves down when they are stressed. A perfect time for relaxation session is when kids are ready for bed. There are many ways to encourage kids to take the reins when it comes to stress. One is through meditation. Use an app like Calm or Breathe, which has short (five-minute) yet powerful guided meditation and/or breathing exercises that teach kids and adults how to keep the mind ‘in the here and now’. This will enable kids to escape negative thought cycles. An even simpler exercise is progressive muscle relaxation. For this exercise, instruct your child to tense up their muscles for several seconds, then relax these muscles. Start with the toes, then the feet, then the calves etc., all the way up to the face and head. You can then guide children in to a more relaxed state by asking them to imagine their body is heavy, that their eyelids are heavy, and that they are falling slowly upon a soft cloud. They may just find it hard to keep their eyes open. 

To encourage kids to sleep at the same time every day, following a strict timetable is key. However, kids, like all human beings, enjoy rituals as well, particularly when these are pampering. Allow kids to choose their favorite relaxation methods and make sure to encourage them by helping them make or (if necessary and affordable) buy the tools they need to ensure that bed time is as fun as it is relaxing.

~Jennifer Dawson

New Jammies was born as an environmentally responsible company offering 100% certified organic cotton and flame retardant-free children’s pajamas. Learn more at