Celebrate Together: Holiday Traditions For Kids

The winter holidays are an amazing time for families to come together to celebrate! Whether you celebrate one particular holiday, multiple, or none at all, the end of the year offers a perfect opportunity to create and celebrate family traditions. The team at New Jammies worked together to share our favorite family traditions, in the hopes that we spark new celebrations for yours!

Have you tried one of these traditions? Have a unique tradition of your own you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Egg Carton Penguins from OneLittleProject are a great kid-friendly DIY decoration!

  1. Create DIY decorations. Many winter holidays involve a wonderful amount of decorating. Instead of spending tons of money on store-bought decor, set some time aside each year to create homemade holiday decorations together. There are tons of online guides for easy, kid-friendly DIY projects, like these adorable Egg Carton Penguins from OneLittleProject. The point of this tradition isn’t to be the best at arts and crafts — it’s to enjoy the laughs, the fun, and the time spent in each other’s company.
  2. Perform random acts of kindness. The holidays are a great time to teach children that a little kindness goes a long way. Make it a tradition to surprise strangers with random acts of kindness, like compliments, free hugs, or small gifts. One of our teammates says, “When I was a kid, my dad took my sister and I to a grocery store to buy a bunch of bouquets of carnations. Then, we went to the city center and handed out flowers to random holiday shoppers just to brighten their day. It became a quick tradition!”
  3. Pose for family photos. Holiday cards are an excellent way to update friends and family on the year gone by. They’re also a great addition to any scrapbook or family photo album! Many photographers offer discounted holiday photo packages during the fall and winter. For bonus points, have everyone dress in matching outfits!
  4. Make a countdown calendar devoted to learning. If you celebrate a winter holiday on a specific date, you can create a countdown or advent calendar of your own with your own traditions. For example, you can celebrate learning with a countdown calendar made of books! Each night, read a different book with your kids, focusing on a different holiday, historical figure, or culture. It’s a great way to learn more about the world around us, and share some wonderful family time!
  5. Surprise the neighbors. Many families enjoy baking cookies as part of a holiday tradition. You can take this tradition one step further by sharing the bounty with your neighborhood. There’s nothing quite like surprising your neighbor with a fresh-baked loaf of bread, still hot from the oven!
  6. Start a gag gift tradition. If you celebrate a gift-giving holiday, gag gifts can be a fun, inexpensive way to celebrate the end of the year. Another New Jammies teammate shared this great tradition from her family: “When I was a baby, we had a family friend known as Grandpa Sam. He was so much fun at the holidays. Anytime he opened a gift, he would yell ‘YOWZERS!’ He also had a knack for picking out gag gifts that people would inevitably find useful. For example, a pair of lotion-lined gloves from a dollar store that turned out to be a great cure for wintery dry skin! Today, my family still picks out small ‘gag’ gifts for each other, and as soon as we open them, we all yell ‘YOWZERS!’”
  7. Build your own hayride and look at the lights. Depending on what your neighbors celebrate, many neighborhoods are full to bursting with holiday decorations and lights. Get your family in on the fun by loading everyone in the car, jamming to a playlist of your favorite holiday music, and driving slowly through the neighborhood to look at the lights.

    Hosting a holiday PJ party? Set up a backyard photo booth with wintery decorations, props, costume pieces, and more!

  8. Have a holiday PJ party. This is a great tradition for neighborhood kids, extended family, and adults alike! Instead of an ugly sweater party, have everyone show up in their favorite pajamas. Guests can play games, bring food, and stay up late watching holiday movies. At the end of the night, the kids can have a group sleepover!
  9. Host a neighborhood potluck. This is a wonderful tradition for neighborhoods deeply steeped in culture, where many families celebrate different holidays. Ask everyone to bring a dish made from a family recipe, or a traditional recipe from their family’s country. Spend the night learning about different cultures through delicious food, traditional songs, and party games! “I have been having an annual holiday open house party in the day which is nice because people can stop by during a wider time range,” says New Jammies founder, Nicole Johnson. “It is nice for families because if kids have different nap times or other weekend obligations they can arrive and leave at their convenience.”
  10. Give back. The holidays give us an opportunity to build a volunteering spirit in kids from a young age. Nicole’s family participates in Toys for Tots by choosing a few names from a local tree each year to pick out presents for other families. And at New Jammies, we work with various organizations and fundraisers throughout the year to keep them well stocked in comfy, organic cotton jammies! Find a cause you believe in — hosting a food drive, volunteering at a soup kitchen, making and handing out gifts for a senior home — and make it a family tradition. By participating each year, your kids will see the direct impact of their hands-on volunteer work.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments!

Eat Right: Healthy Halloween Swaps!

For healthy-minded parents, Halloween can be extra scary. Many of our favorite traditions–like trick-or-treating, costume parties, and school spirit events–can be overstocked with sugary, over-processed foods and drinks. Here’s where we face a dilemma: we want our kids to be healthy, but how do we celebrate the holiday spirit without all the extra calories?

Luckily, there are ways to get in on the treats without the unhealthy tricks. We’ve collected some of our favorite healthy swaps to kick-start your imagination. 

(P.S. Have you heard about our 2019 Halloween costume contest? Post your family’s costume photos on Instagram or Facebook by October 31 for your chance to win a $100 New Jammies gift card! Click here to see the full rules for entry.)

Trick-Or-Treat AND Something Good To Eat

Trick-or-treating is a celebrated part of Halloween. Plus, it’s so fun to see the whole family in costume! If you’re looking to cut some candy out of the festivities, consider some of these healthier ideas:


  • Pick a Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a delicious and nutritious food that doesn’t get enough year-round attention. Halloween can be a perfect time to get otherwise picky eaters to try something new! Instead of buying candy, buy extra pumpkins for the family. When the jack o’lanterns are carved, roast the seeds to make healthy, delicious pepitas and use any leftovers in recipes that call for roast, diced, baked, or mashed squash. 
  • Start with Full Bellies. Heading out to haunt the town? Before trick-or-treating, fill up on a healthy dinner (maybe add some of that delicious pumpkin!). Full bellies are less likely to dig right into the candy. It’s a good idea to set some rules as well, and establish healthy eating habits before the night begins. 
  • Hand Out Your Own Candy. We all remember that house that handed out toothbrushes on All Hallows Eve. Instead of sugary candy, try fun, packageable treats like ants on a log, veggie skeleton bones, or clementines decorated to look like skulls. If you’re worried about allergies or calories, skip the edible route entirely and hand out small toys or useful gadgets, like fake teeth, bubble wands, or temporary tattoos. 
  • Call In The Switch Witch  The Switch Witch is a fun holiday character who replaces kids’ excess candy with a toy, game, or other non-sugary swap. This tradition started in sugar-conscious families and is gaining popularity every year! If your kids still make it home with far too much candy, let them know to expect a visit from The Switch Witch once they’re tucked in bed with their favorite pair of jammies.


Frightfully Fun Festivities

Planning a party? Prepping for a school event? Looking to avoid the whole Halloween “thing” altogether? These ideas keep Halloween fun, festive, and healthy for the whole family. 


  • Dress Up Healthy Food, Too! Kids tend to eat with their eyes. A witch who would turn down a green apple might be more interested if it’s dressed up like monster teeth. Bring a platter of boo-nana popsspider sandwiches, or pumpkin quesadillas to your next Halloween party. Your imagination is your only limit! 
  • Stay Active. Fun games and activities keep ghosts and ghouls on their feet. Traditional activities like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” bobbing for apples, and flashlight tag can be a frightfully good time! If you want to mix it up, try a string maze, a zombie dance contest (bust out those Thriller moves!), or “Ghost in the Graveyard.” 
  • Brew A Health Potion. Halloween punch doesn’t have to be made from sherbert and soda. Make a healthy alternative (like this carrot-based recipe from Happy Healthy Mama). If you’re making your own, start with all-natural cider or juice, then add cinnamon sticks, fall spices, and clever decorations. For bonus points, invest in a spooky ice mold to add bobbing skulls and bones, and add a few cubes of dry ice to turn your health potion into a misty witches’ brew. 
  • Plan A Family Adventure. Halloween isn’t your family’s thing? Pack your jammies and fly off o
    n the family brooms to a costumed movie night, a laser tag arena, or a night spent stargazing and telling spooky stories around the fire at a nearby National Park. The memories will last a lot longer than the candy! 


Play Right: Halloween Costume Ideas From New Jammies!

Spooky season is upon us! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at New Jammies. It’s the perfect time to bust out a new pair of PJs, whether you’re adding it as the final touch to a quality costume, adding an extra layer of warmth before chilly trick-or-treating, or finishing off a spook-tacular night with some scary stories before bed. 

These DIY Halloween costumes can all be built off your favorite pair of New Jammies! Depending on the weather, start with footies, long sleeves, or short sets, and build your costume with a few simple additions.  If you’re looking for that extra layer of warmth, our Simply Solids collection is a perfect base to any DIY costume.   Make pretend play and cozy nights last well beyond one night of trick or treating fun!

P.S. Have you heard about our 2019 Halloween costume contest? Post your family’s costume photos on Instagram or Facebook by October 31 for your chance to win a $100 New Jammies gift card! Click here to see the full rules for entry.)

Where’s Waldo? 

Start with a set of striped red and white jammies. Add a red cap, some round glasses, a camera strap, a cane, and Waldo’s other accessories to become this beloved search-and-find character!

Baby Cowpoke     

For the smallest trick-or-treaters, a costume that starts with footie pajamas can be cozy and comfortable during those Halloween naps. Add a cowboy hat, boots, and a sheriff’s badge to our Horses n’ Stripes footie pajamas to create the cutest cowpoke ever! 

Sharks and Mermaids

For a fun matching siblings costume, rule the ocean as sharks and mermaids. Our Mermaid Mamas PJs pair well with a sparkly mermaid tail, while all our Sharks pattern needs is some fins and a headpiece for a fearsome king of the seas!

Unicorns and Pegasi and Fairies, Oh My!

To create a magical fantasy costume, start with our mod Chevron pattern or Rainbow Unicorns design. Add a mane, horn, tail, and wings to become your favorite fantasy animal. For fairies and sprites, try a tulle tutu, wings, and a magic wand. 

Choo Choo!

Grab a pair of our Locomotive Train pajamas and add a conductor hat for your future engineer!

Be your own Super Hero!   Match one of our fun Stripes, Star Spangled, or our Simply Solids collection with a fun cape and mask to create your own super hero!   Create a list of your unique super powers and how you plan to be a hero here on planet Earth and beyond!  

Emoji Love   DIY your own Emoji costume and pair with our Emoji Love Jammies! 




Our 2019 Halloween Costume Contest is open until October 31, 2019! Head over to Facebook and Instagram to submit your entries. Don’t forget to tag our accounts, use the hashtag #NewJammiesHalloween19, and tag a friend in the comments you’d LOVE to go trick-or-treating with! We can’t wait to see your submissions! 

The 2019 New Jammies Halloween Costume Contest!


 Calling all ghosts and ghouls! Is your family prepping for Halloween? We’d love to see your costumes! Send us your best Halloween costume photos for your chance to WIN a $100 e-gift card to New Jammies! 

At New Jammies, we love the spooky season! It’s a perfect time to get cozy in a new costume, cape, or PJ set. For cold nights spent trick-or-treating or late bedtimes when your kids are ready to fall asleep in full costume, the right set of jammies is the perfect addition to every Halloween wardrobe. 

Send us your photos of your favorite family Halloween costumes for your chance to WIN! One lucky winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to NewJammies.com. 

Rules for entry:

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Are you feeling lucky? No tricks, only treats here at New Jammies! We can’t wait to see your creativity!